V2X Americas 2019
Conference & Exhibition

September 10 & 11, 2019
Santa Clara Convention Center

Key Players in the V2X Ecosystem

Multiple organizations and communities play a role in the advancement of next generation networks to fulfill on the promise of autonomous vehicles.
These key players must form partnerships and fulfill their roles for industry, investors, government, transportation, traffic and citizens to fully realize the benefits of a V2X environment.

Who Will Attend

  • Enabling Technologies:
    • Chipset Manufacturers,
    • OEMs
    • 5G networking hardware, antennas and infrastructure
    • Technology Integrators
  • Government: Local, State and Federal
    • Elected Officials
    • Public Works
    • Transportation and Traffic Management
    • Intelligence and Connected Civic Infrastructure
    • Information Technology
  • Network Operators and Communications Service Providers:
    • Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators
    • Broadband and Fiber Carriers
    • Satellite Operators
  • Automotive Industry
    • Manufacturers and OEMs
    • Fleet, Shipping and Freight
    • Auto aftermarket suppliers
  • Wireless Infrastructure:
    • Towers and Macro Sites
    • Small Cells and Dense Network infrastructure
    • Backhaul and Fiber Network Services
  • Cloud Services:
    • ADAS services
    • Security Services
    • AI and Machine Learning
    • All cloud-based applications driving intelligence in a V2X environment
  • Edge & Datacenters:
    • Computing architecture located at the Edge of the Network, integrated with roadside units and street infrastructure
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors: