General Sessions & Keynote Presentations

Industry Outlook, Investment/M&A and Governance

General Session Presentations & Roundtables Include:

  • Analysts Roundtable: The State of the Industry from Outside the Forest
  • Positioning to Win: Where to Place Your Product/Service Bet in a V2X Environment
  • V2X: The Architecture and Infrastructure Requirements
  • Automotive Applications of Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks
  • Policy & Regulation: Why the FCC Matters to Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • Early Adopters Roundtable: Colorado, Nevada, Tampa, Florida
  • Best practices for State and local governments to support the safe and effective testing and operation of automation technologies

Innovation: Game-Changing Business Models & Technology

Rapid Fire Presentations focused on:

  • Precision Location Solutions  to Improve on GPS
  • Safety Application Development and V2X
  • Network Slicing to Enable Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Intersection V2X Applications
  • V2X Enabled V-Commerce
  • How Connectivity will Change the way OEMs Do Business
  • Operational Connectivity: V2X in Industrial IoT Environments

Breakout Sessions: Deep Dives on Platforms, Solutions and Security

Infrastructure: Connectivity, Computing & Cloud

Educational Sessions in this Track Include:

  • Interconnected Edge Cloud: The Next Wave of Edge Computing Needed to Support 5G
  • Direct communications -- Device to Device Communications in V2X
  • Massive MIMO and Innovative RAN Solutions for Greater Capacity for 5G Networks
  • Next Steps: Looking Forward on the 5.9 GHz Band
  • 6 Key Connectivity Requirements of Autonomous Driving
  • Using the Network Edge to Drive Progression in Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Enabling Car to Cloud Connectivity

Infrastructure: Security, Data Management & AI

Educational Sessions in this Track Include:

  • Cybersecurity, Threat Assessments and More
  • Vehicle Data for 3rd Party Applications
  • Integrating dynamic vehicle data with cloud-based data in real time
  • Over the Air Updates – a Reality Check
  • Connected Car Data – Unlocking Value Today & Creating A Roadmap For The Future
  • Facilitating Data Capacity and Speed: Management, Storage and Utilization
  • Machine Learning in Automotive Cybersecurity
  • Data, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Enabled by V2X