How is V2X Americas Unique?

V2X communications is a critical component of the connected car — and the smart city — of the future.

V2X Americas is designed as an opportunity for four distinct industry sectors to converge and engage — mobile & LTE communications; automotive and transportation; local & regional government; computing and low-latency digital infrastructure.

This inaugural mash-up of multiple technology stakeholder groups will help generate partnerships; assess coverage and capacity requirements for connected vehicles; unleash new applications and services; and usher in a new era of ubiquitous, real-time information services that leverages 5G networking.

Why You Should Attend:

The inaugural V2X Americas event will bring together industry leaders, technologists, researchers and government leaders from around the world — and multiple industries — to discuss, explore and share V2X insights, applications, and opportunities.

+ Position your company and your executive team as thought-leaders in this emerging industry

+ Be seen as a major industry player and attract partners as well as customers + Gain access to a highly-targeted audience of media, analysts, corporations and public sector executives

+ Leverage speaking and video opportunities to influence the wireless, mobile, cloud, automotive & government sectors working on V2X solutions and services

+ Network with other leaders in the V2X field at our networking receptions and events

+ Take part in a highly-focused emerging technology community that will have a profound impact in all aspects of communication, computing and transportation