About Us

Until now, the media fascination with autonomous vehicles has been focused on, well, the vehicle, and rightfully so. Countless websites, magazines and B2B events showcase the innovation and advancements from Ford, GM, Waymo, Uber and hundreds of other transportation technology pioneers, all hard at work reinventing transportation as we know it.

Our focus is different, and for that we have launched V2X Americas. V2X Americas is focused on the digital infrastructure for the digitalization of transportation. This includes not just vehicle-to-vehicle, but vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-cloud, vehicle-to-pedestrian, and much more.

Our point of view is infrastructure first: including next-gen wireless networks, computing infrastructure at the network edge, high-bandwidth roadside units, transportation management systems, low-latency cloud-based applications, and most importantly, innovation.

We’ve been involved with next generation networks since the late 1990s, so you can trust us when we say that the early days of wireless and mobile internet were a dress rehearsal for what is coming in the digital transformation of transportation. Next-generation networks will enable faster, more reliable data transmission and accelerate the deployment of better, safer autonomous vehicles – in the air and on the ground.

We have launched V2X Americas because we know that personal interaction and the power of technology demonstrations and networking will drive partnerships, alliances, education, information exchange and markets forward. We believe that innovation is better understood with a personal demonstration or explanation.

We look forward to this new era in transportation, mobility, and next generation networks, as well as all of the opportunities that come with it, and we know you do too.

Our Goal

Enable technology evolution through information-exchange, learning, demonstrations, partnerships and alliances through relationship building.


Build and develop the Ecosystem that fulfills on the promise of personal mobility, autonomous and next-generation transportation enabled by next-generation network connectivity


Contribute to urban planning departments who require safer and more efficient transportation systems – utilizing V2X communications to unlock new methods of revenue generation for transportation departments and provide valuable inputs to a municipality’s environmental and sustainability initiatives

iain gillott

chief content officer

A wireless industry veteran and mainstay, Iain brings to the team business insight, industry knowledge and the experience to be able to craft information in any form: presentation, webinar, conference, white paper or deep dive intelligence report. Iain’s day job is president and founder of IGR.

lucy green

chief revenue officer

Lucy Green is our go-to person on all things sales: sponsorship, exhibiting, product demos; online buyer’s guides and webinars. With more than 20 years experience in the wireless and mobile industries working with Informa, UBM, Penton and others, Lucy is who you work with on any project.

tracey roberts

general manager

Tracey Roberts is our lead event operations manager; our lead customer service and do everything team member. Because of her passion for the event experience, Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Attendees alike will be able to get the answers they need from Tracey on any event.

timothy downs

managing director

Beginning with his first company Shorecliff Communications, Tim has been developing business media properties focused on emerging technology communities for more than 20 years. In addition to home-grown events, Tim works with industry organizations WIA, CBRS Alliance and others.

matt vartabedian

content, analysis industry intelligence

As Senior Analyst focused on Enterprise Wireless and Mobile for iGR, Matthew provides industry intelligence, data and insight into wireline and wireless business strategies and technology adoption. He also brings to the team a degree in English and Russian from Wake Forest University.