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Until now, the media fascination with autonomous vehicles has been focused on, well, the vehicle. And, rightfully so. Countless websites, magazines and B2B events showcase the innovation and advancements from Ford, GM, Waymo, Uber and hundreds of other transportation technology pioneers.

V2X Americas has a different focus --. the infrastructure for that autonomous vehicle revolution.

V2X Americas features the systems for all types of autonomous devices -- and includes the next generation wireless networks to the computing infrastructure at the edge of the network to the cloud-based applications and services.

The early days of wireless and the mobile internet were a dress rehearsal for what is coming in the digital transformation of transportation. Next-generation networks will enable faster, more reliable data transmission and accelerate the deployment of better, safer autonomous vehicles – in the air and on the ground.

We have launched V2X America because of the power of personal interaction will drive forward the partnerships, alliances, education, information exchange and markets.

We believe that innovation is better understood with a personal demonstration or explanation.

Vehicles will communicate with the infrastructure around them as well as with other vehicles. They’ll need secure robust wireless broadband networks to maintain full connectivity; especially as low-latency ‘edge based’ services are delivered to the vehicle in real-time. They’ll need advanced architecture and centralized computing power that can accommodate the ADAS, security, infotainment and other needs of today as well as the add-ons of tomorrow.

V2X Americas is focused on the connected mobility ecosystem and ensuring secure data flow between vehicles, infrastructure and the Cloud.

Digital infrastructure – connecting people not automobiles – is what we’ve always been focused on. Our audiences, our relationships, history and our experience in business media forms the basis of the V2X opportunity – connectivity, wireless infrastructure, edge networking, sensors, data rich and intelligence, and the applications and services that emerge from the mash up of all this with physical streets and cities and vehicles and people and things.

Aptiv writes “Transport infrastructure that accommodates how we work and travel in the modern age is essential.” What it requires is V2X -- The networked transport infrastructure (of vehicles and of information) -- and all the areas that are undergoing innovation and reinvention is what we’re interested in at V2X Americas.

We look forward this new era in transportation, mobility, next generation networks, and all the opportunity that come from it. As I know you do too.


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V2X Americas is a property of SmartGig Media, a B2B media firm that specializes in providing information and education in broadband communications, 5G and wireless infrastructure, Internet of Things, and the industries that are impacted by next generation mobile technology.

Timothy Downs
Managing Director
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