Source: Traffic Technology Today

The edge-computing power delivered by Kyra Solutions’ IntelliExchange V2X platform is to be enhanced by using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Edgeline Converged Edge Systems, to securely power roadway intelligence for enhanced safety.

HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform will help accelerate Kyra’s already successful connected vehicle programme, by leveraging the real-time processing delivered by IntelliExchange to collect and analyse vehicle data and send alerts in milliseconds.

This live data management ensures instant alerts and warnings are delivered to traffic management centres (TMC), emergency responders, and drivers nearby about critical situations such as wrong way driving, disabled vehicle, sudden traffic congestion, workers’ presence in construction zone, to name a few.

“At HPE, we are committed to being a force for good by empowering innovation that improves the way we live and work,” says Gerald Kleyn, VP and general manager, Converged Edge & IoT Systems at HPE. “The HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enable Kyra Solutions to harness insights from a vast amount of data in real-time to advance road and traffic safety and help save lives. We look forward to continue collaborating with Kyra with a range of HPE’s hybrid IT solutions to create meaningful outcomes,”

“This strategic partnership allows us to support and accelerate our customers’ journey towards the goal of zero traffic fatalities,,” says Apurva Desai (AD), VP of Kyra’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center. “By leveraging HPE’s edge computing, our system analyses and processes data instantaneously for critical applications right on the roadway. We are excited to use proven technologies like IoT, AI, edge computing in our nation’s smart infrastructure to save lives.”