Source: Spirent

Highlights and Take-Aways from OmniAir Quebec Plugfest 2019

While the fight continues between DSRC/ITS-G5 and Cellular V2X (C-V2X) over which technology will ultimately win the race as the medium for the emerging Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) market, major stakeholders gathered at the latest OmniAir Plugfest, hosted at the PMG Technologies facilities in Quebec, Canada. These plugfests enable industry players to assess their readiness to meet interoperability, functionality and security requirements, critical for a successful deployment of these technologies.

As Canada’s largest and most advanced automotive test and research center, the PMG facility offered the perfect setting for both in-lab bench tests and field tests. A wide range of test tool suppliers, chipset manufacturers, automotive suppliers and road infrastructure technology suppliers participated in the event.

Several test stations featured the fully automated Spirent TTsuite-WAVE-DSRC conformance test solution to help participants validate OBUs and RSUs for conformance to the latest IEEE and SAE standards. As one of the first Qualified Test Equipment (QTE) providers for OmniAir, the Spirent solution is widely acknowledged as the reference tool for V2X conformance testing, covering both US WAVE-DSRC and the European ITS-G5 standard, all within the same platform.

Based on a decade of experience developing conformance test suites for V2X applications and networks, it is accepted by standards organizations such as OmniAir, Avnu, OPEN Alliance, AUTOSAR, USDOT, IEEE, and ETSI for validating the bits and bytes exchanged by vehicle components against known standards to help ensure and document compliance.

The first day featured a conference with several animated panel discussions with industry professionals, including one with Spirent V2X expert Dr. Alain Vouffo on “V2X Testing & Certification Around the World”.

During lively discussions with participants at the week-long event, Spirent team was encouraged to see that numerous companies worldwide are now gearing up to sell the life-saving WAVE-DSRC V2X technology.

For the first time, the plugfest also featured several test stations covering Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology. Spirent TTworkbench test solution was used successfully in that context, testing IEEE1609.3 protocol transport via an LTE-V PC5 interface. The growing need for testing protocols defined by 3GPP for LTE-V PC5 radio interface was also highlighted and will certainly be one of the topics covered in future plugfests.