A New Event Series Dedicated to Commercializing Vehicle-to-Everything Technology

Dedicated to building an open and secure fully connected, intelligent world that connects people, vehicles, roads, and other things in the surrounding transportation environment

Communications: Direct and Networked V2V, V2I, and Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) Connectivity

The latest in robust wireless broadband networks that maintain full connectivity with non-line-of-sight and latency-sensitive collision-avoidance capabilities—benefiting drivers, passengers, bikers, and others sharing the road.

Computing Architecture for Low-Latency, High-Bandwidth Applications and Services

Understand network architectures and infrastructure required to support the massive computing resources and processing demanded by large scale vehicle management and traffic data analytics

Control Systems in Road Facilities and Roadside Infrastructure

Enabling city administrators and transport operators to implement real-time and intelligent traffic management, to ensure safer and more efficient traffic systems of the future.

Fostering an Environment to Develop Secure & Innovative V2X Applications

Be part of the ecosystem that fulfills on the promise of personal mobility, autonomous and next generation transportation enabled by next generation network connectivity.

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Featured Speakers

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Jyoti Sharma
Manager- Technology Strategy and Architecture


Apostolos (Tolis) Papathanassiou
Senior Principal Engineer with the Next Generation and Standards (NGS)


Ravi Pavvula
President & CEO

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Chris Pearson
President & CEO
5G Americas

Event Components


Join your peers and like-minded professionals convening from multiple industry sectors:  wireless, computing, application development, cloud services and more -- all focused on keeping up-to-date on commercial V2X technology, trends and developments.

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A new perspective, V2X Americas features infrastructure -- including hardware, software; platforms and tools, that enable a new generation of high-bandwidth, low-latency applications that underpin autonomous vehicles of all kinds.

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This comprehensive educational conference combines presentations, panel discussions and tutorials, along with visionary keynote speakers, to provide an end-to-end understanding of the infrastructure requirements and business opportunities in V2X systems.

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Get Involved

Apply here to speak at V2X Americas to build your brand as an expert and thought leader in the field of autonomous networking, make connections, and grow your skills through teaching—plus, receive a free pass to attend V2X Americas.

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What They're Saying about V2X

"We expect 5G to become the worldwide dominating mobile communications standard of the next decade."

Dr Christoph Grote Senior Vice President - Electronics, BMW Group

“The state of Colorado has been focused on the rapid deployment of connected vehicle technology to advance safety and are encouraged by the progression of C-V2X. We’re ready to help advance vehicle safety and serve as a hub for advanced vehicle testing, and development.”

Michael Lewis, Exec. Director, Colorado Department of Transportation

“V2X will lead us into the future of a fully connected car experience. The vehicle can be supported by advanced services from the mobile network providing a safer, more efficient and enjoyable driving experience while having a positive impact on society.”

Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas

“Ford is committed to V2X communications and sees it as a critical technology to improve vehicle safety and efficiency.” 

Don Butler, Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company

"V2X is a critical technology for the overall success of autonomous vehicle systems."

Collin Goldsmith, Managing Partner for Engineering Solutions, P3 North America


"As the decision-making process moves from inside the car to one that is increasingly decentralized — communication from vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to network — high capacity, low-latency network connectivity is key. This places a whole new set of demands on wireless networks."

Brian Daniels, Senior Vice President, Z5G, Zayo


Location & Venue

V2X News

V2X OBU deployed in New York’s CV pilot

October 1, 2019

Source: Traffic Technology Today Michigan-based developer of connected car and automotive electronics systems Danlaw Inc. has revealed its role in New York City’s Connected Vehicle Pilot project; one of the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) three CV Pilot Deployment Sites. The rapid rise of urbanization is compelling many municipalities worldwide to reevaluate transportation initiatives and…

Accelerating Automotive into the Digital Future

September 22, 2019

Source: There’s mounting pressure in the automotive industry to transform from mechanical-centric into software-defined vehicles. Manufacturers and suppliers will have to implement innovative software-based solutions to stay relevant and to keep up with consumers’ expectations. From the advent of the Model-T to the promise of self-driving cars, the automotive industry has changed drastically in…

ACCESS Launches Enhanced Android Based In-Vehicle Entertainment Solutions at IAA

September 22, 2019

Source: Access Co. Oberhausen, 19 September 2019 − ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that an integration of its ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) automotive infotainment service platform will be available for Bosch’s Android-based in-vehicle infotainment-system (IVI). The collaboration helps Bosch extend its core platform with a flexible app solution, which also includes an app store, a fully OEM brandable HMI,…

HAAS Alert Conducts Nation’s First 5G Fleet Tests in Chicago Using Sprint True Mobile 5G

September 16, 2019

September 12, 2019 CHICAGO, IL – Sept. 12, 2019 – HAAS Alert, a Chicago-based startup whose mission is to make roads safer by alerting drivers of emergency vehicles, recently completed the first pilot of fleet cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) tests on Sprint’s 5G network in Chicago. The tests by the fleet collision prevention company achieved a 40…

On the Road to Driverless Cars

September 13, 2019

A blend of in-vehicle and cloud computing, more powerful antennas, automotive Ethernet, and high-performance 5G network communications will be essential ingredients in the evolution of autonomous vehicles. Guido Dornbusch, Alex Bormuth, Dr. Ayman Duzdar | Sep 12, 2019 Source: Electronic Design Projections show that by 2020 the power and electrical components, sensors, cameras, radar, GPS and other systems in…

Avis Budget Group and Ford Partner to Connect Cars

September 5, 2019

Source: Telematics Wire Avis Budget Group has announced an agreement with Ford Commercial Solutions to connect approximately 14,000 Ford Motor Company vehicles in Avis Budget Group’s European fleet. The connected vehicles will provide many advantages, like it will allow Avis customers to manage their entire rental experience through the Avis mobile app, including choosing the…

Smart infrastructure to provide extra support for autonomous vehicles

September 5, 2019

Roadside units that leverage 5G can create 3D models of the world around them, and transfer that data to nearby cars in a flash. By Freddie Holmes September 5, 2019 Source: Automotive There is much debate as to whether 5G is a vital jump in connectivity for future vehicles, or simply a means for…

5G could make self-driving cars smarter and commutes safer

September 5, 2019

A 2-year-old technology called C-V2X could arrive in 5G-equipped cars in 2022, displacing a 20-year-old alternative that hasn’t caught on. Source: CNET Self-driving cars can already see and think for themselves. But a newer technology that will run on soon-to-launch 5G networks promises to give them another advanced skill: the ability to talk with one another. C-V2X, a communications…

Edge computing set for strong growth in automotive industry

July 30, 2019

Source: Whether in manufacturing operations or in the vehicles themselves, edge computing is conquering the IT infrastructure at every car company. Providers have taken note – and are already battling it out for air superiority. Edge computing, the wide-ranging types of calculations and analyses at the extreme ends of an IT topology, has become…

Ford will test connected cars on its own LTE/5G network

July 30, 2019

Source: American automotive giant Ford is building its own LTE/5G network to test connected cars in a private environment. Ford’s network will be set up at its campus in Dearborn, Michigan. The network will operate in the 3.5GHz CBRS band and use equipment from Ericsson, Juniper, and Dell. The company has filed a request…